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A gift for the road...the infamous frog joke:


This joke isn't particularly impressive, but it is the one joke that I can recite correctly after a glass of wine AND it is appropriate for all ages.  I also kind of like that it makes people groan instead of laugh.  Yes, it is cheesy.  Yes, it is trite.  Yes, it isn't even mine- but I don't know where it came from.  Below is my own spin on the telling.  

If you hate cheesy pun type jokes, TURN BACK NOW.


One day, a frog walks into a bank. He has been down on his luck and he is in bad need of a loan to repair his lily pad.  He approaches the first clerk he sees, a pretty young woman named Miss Patricia Wack. He explains his need of a loan and Miss Wack asks him the usual banking type questions. Does he have a job? No. Does he have any money in a savings account or 401K? No.  Will someone co-sign for him? No.  Finally, she asks if he has any collateral to secure the loan.  He digs into a small duffel near him and produces an ugly porcelain poodle statue.  She looks at it in disgust and shakes her head.


"I'm sorry, Mr. Frog, but we can't give you a loan based on the information you have provided."

"But please Miss Wack, I am desperate!" the frog replies.


Feeling pity, Patty decides to speak to the bank manager. She explains that the frog has no job and has only a poodle statue to offer as collateral.  She is expecting the bank manager to laugh when instead he states:

"It's a knick knack, Patty Wack, give the frog the loan."


I know, I know, it is an awful joke.  But it's the good kind of awful. ; )


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